What Are Essential Oils For Fertility And How It Can Be Benefited From?

Essential oils for fertility treatments are not a new thing, as they range from medical procedures to medications to herbals treatments. However, at times procedures and medications can take a toll on one’s physical and mental health and can also burn a hole in one’s pocket.

This is where the art of aromatherapy can be helpful. Aromatherapy targets the mental and physical well being of a person, and thus bringing one to a stage of equilibrium. This can be achieved with essentials oils as they carry the pure benefits of plants and their healing power.

There are several causes of infertility like stress, hectic lifestyle, anxiety, hypertension, medical problems, lack of sexual intimacy, etc. essential oils for fertility can help cope with them naturally without any invasive procedure or medication. Infertility is not always caused due to any major health problem. At times it can be a result of negative thoughts, which in turn give rise to various physical problems.

Essentials oils can help balance the negative with positives, promote good energy, and good sleep. Also, it helps in exchanging the chemical cosmetics with natural production of oils that has no chemicals in it.

About essential oils

Essential oils are a big part of aromatherapy science, as they are known for their health benefits. One can hear about them everywhere these days, ranging from health to beauty. So what are these essential oils?

These are concentrated plant extracts that are extracted using cold pressing or distillation. These oils carry the real essence of flavor and aroma of the source plant in them. After distillation, the aromatic compounds of the plant are extracted, and then they are mixed with carrier oils to give them a volume and a body. One can find a huge variety of essential oils in the market ranging from rose to sandalwood to geranium or lemongrass and many more.

essential oils for fertility

How to use essential oils for fertility?

 Simply buying essential oils will not do much in helping with fertility. One needs to use them the right way to get the desired results.

Some of the best ways to use essential oils for fertility and pregnancy are:

  • Massage: massaging is very effective as it helps in blood circulation, which in turn helps in the absorption of the oil by the skin. This helps in getting most of the benefits of the oils effectively.
  • Inhale: inhaling is the best way to let the essential oil enter the system. This benefits mind and health, likewise. One can inhale the oil directly from the bottle, put some drops on a handkerchief, put in steaming water and inhale, put in a diffuser, or apply on pulse points like wrist or neck. 
  • Reflexology: the science of reflexology is based on pressure points found in the body. There are various pressure points, and each of them has an objective. Applying the right amount of pressure and massaging these points can have a positive effect on the body. One can apply essential oils to fertility points and massage the area.
  • Soak: soaking the entire body in the bathwater, which is infused with essential oils, can be very rejuvenating and calming to the senses. Also, it can have benefits related to fertility, as well.

How do essential oils work for fertility?

Essential oils have plenty of benefits when used right and with dedication. One can also find several essential oils for fertility success stories, which says tells that aromatherapy does work. Some of how these plant oils can help in improving one’s fertility are:

1. Hormone regulation

Hormonal fluctuations and imbalance can lead to various health-related issues, and fertility problems are one of these problems. It is important to keep the hormones balanced and in check. Also, hormonal imbalance can be caused due to an erratic menstrual cycle, which then affects fertility. Essential oils are very effective in regulating the hormonal levels in the body and also regulating the menstrual cycles, which in turn helps in regulating fertility.

2. Stress management

People live in a world where the amount of stress is never-ending, and the issue of infertility can bring even more stress. However, excessive stress is not good for one’s health and fertility, as well. So to keep oneself calm and ward off anxiety, essential oils should be used. The calming effect of the oils can be very beneficial.

3. Free radical damage

In today’s world, our body gets damaged by free radicals, which are caused due to the lifestyle everyone lives. Free radical damage is also one of the major causes behind low fertility. Essential oils can help in combating these free radicals with the help of the anti-oxidants found in oils.

4. Enhanced libido

Decreased libido and lack of intimacy are another major cause behind the lack of fertility. However, essential oils and its aphrodisiac qualities can be very helpful as it is known to increase libido, which in turn helps in making relationships more intimate.

5. Inflammation treatment

With stressful life and a fast lifestyle, health issues are common. One such issue that every adult faces at one time or the other is inflammation. Inflammation of tissues and nerves can be quite difficult to handle, and this takes a toll on fertility too. Essential oils, on the other hand, is very helpful in treating inflammation and thus enhancing fertility.

What essential oils are good for fertility?

If one goes in a search fo essentials oils, the choice can make one go crazy, there are several oils to pick from, and every one of them has a certain benefit named to the. When it comes to treating fertility. Only a few of them are effective. Also, the essential oils can be used by both men and women. It is a fact which stands against various myths, and that is fertility problems can be found in both men and women. Therefore one can categorize essential oils for male fertility and female fertility separately.

essential oils for fertility

Essentials oils to treat infertility in men

  1. Rose oil: it is very much effective in increasing libido in men and also in increasing the sperm count. It overall helps to curb a very common issue of anxiety related to sexual performance and dysfunction in men. 
  2. Sandalwood oil: it is important to have a better sexual relationship to increase the rate of fertility. To increase testosterone in men and also increase their desire for sexual relations, sandalwood oil can be used. It is very effective in increasing sexual desire and also decreases sexual dysfunction.
  3. Angelica oil: angelica oil is a very effective oil when it comes to boosting the sexual organs. Also, it helps men in enjoying the intimate moment and get relaxed without much anxiety running in the system.
  4. Frankincense oil: low sperm count and sperm motility can be one of the biggest reasons for infertility in men. Frankincense oil is known to be effective in increasing the sperm count, the sperm density, and even the sperm motility.
  5. Basil oil: to reduce tension form the muscles and also to enhance the reproductive organs, there is a need to massage with essential oils. Basil oil can prove to be highly effective in massages that help increase libido and also help to stimulate sexual organs.
  6. Goldenrod oil: anxiety and tension are some of the biggest causes of low fertility in men. Goldenrod oil has a good impact on relaxation and stress relief and also boosts men’s libido.

Essential oils to treat infertility in women

  1. Geranium oil: proper hormonal balance and regulation is the key to better fertility. Geranium oil helps to regulate the hormones and also gives a calming effect that helps in de-stressing.
  2. Calendula oil: having a healthy menstrual cycle is very crucial to have increased chances of conceiving. Calendula oil is one of the most helpful among the essential oils for fertility pcos. It is not only useful in regulating periods in women but also helps reduce menstrual cramps and in treating ovarian cysts.
  3. Lavender oil: this is one of the most common essential oil and, without any doubt, has the most effective calming power to it. Lavender oil helps in keeping the endocrine system of women healthy and running and also regulate the periods in time.
  4. Clary sage oil: decreased libido in women can be one of the biggest causes of infertility along with hormonal imbalance. Clary sage essential oil can help in both regulating hormonal balance and also in increasing sexual wellness.
  5. Rose oil: rose oil is known for its various calming and therapeutic benefits. Along with it, it is very helpful in increasing women’s sexual desires, regulating menstrual cycles, and also in keeping the sexual organs healthy.
  6. Jasmine oil: one of the most common flowers that helps in increasing sexual drive and in making sexual life more active is jasmine. This is the reason why jasmine flowers are highly effective in curbing infertility.

Where to apply essential oils for fertility?

Aromatherapy is something that can be practiced on one’s own. All one needs is patience and some practice. The journey towards healthy fertility is not long but requires dedication and patience. It is important to have a routine that will enhance the essential oil effect on the mind and body.

One can apply the essential oils on the pressure points to get most of the results. One can also apply them to the pulse points so that it becomes easy to inhale the aroma throughout the day. Also, one ca mix oil with massage oil and apply on the whole body as a part of a self-care routine. 

Some of the tips that come handy when using essential oils for fertility are:

  • Choose wisely: it is important to pick an essential oil. One can have as many as they want. One can choose an essential oil based on the mood and time.
  • Create DIY oils: essential oils can be used in many ways, and thus the person needs to have an open mind. Use the essential oils in massage oils, with perfumes, in bathwater, or diffuser. One can also simply inhale the oil from the bottle. 
  • Have self-care routine: make it a point to include essential oils in the daily care routine. It is important to have self-care activities like meditation and yoga. These activities include essential oils, as well.
  • Use as an aphrodisiac: various essential oils for men’s fertility and women’s fertility are a great way to promote intimacy in relationships. One can use them in diffusers, as massage oils or as perfumes.
  • Keep the negative thoughts at bay: it is common for a person to get triggered with negative thoughts after hearing about others’ pregnancy or any other happy moments. This is when one should inhale essential oils to keep oneself calm and composed.


Infertility is not something that one should worry about incessantly. There are many ways to conceive in the current era. However, it is better if the entire process remains natural and healthy, with minimal medication. Aromatherapy can help in treating infertility without any invasive treatment or medication. All one needs to do is focus on the problem that is causing fertility problems. Choose the best oil and imbibe the essential oil into the daily care routine.

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