Primary Health Benefits Of Tribulus Terrestris Along With Their Side Effects

Tribulus Terrestris is a plant in the caltrop family that’s widely distributed around the globe. The plant thrives in dry climate locations where only a few plants can survive and is known for its small woody like fruit bur. Long sharp and strong spines that easily penetrate surfaces of the body and other objects characterize it. Tribulus Terrestris, when used in the health care system in treating health conditions, tends to deliver numerous positive outcomes along with a few side effects.  

Health Benefits of the Plant

Research has shown that Tribulus Terrestris is very beneficial for the human body. The benefits of consuming the plant in any way possible are outlined below:

Through observation, people undergoing Type 2 diabetes conditions may improve blood sugar control and cholesterol if they use the plant. Increase of sugar level and cholesterol in the body of an individual result in diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure that are generally considered to be fatal. Applying the plant will benefit patients of those ailments and boost their lifespan.

The dioscin that’s found in the Tribulus Terrestris increases testosterone levels, and balancing levels of estrogen that manages the reproductive system. They also protect bones and help the skin heal from bruises and injuries. The plant balances progesterone that’s used for preventing specific allergies in which hormones play a vital role.

Tribulus Terrestris and Human Sex Drives

An increase in libido through the plant does not have any effect on the testosterone. The plant improves the libido in women and men with reduced sex drives. Men with erectile dysfunction who have used the herb have shown an improvement of more desire, greater sexual satisfaction, and reliable erections. 

tribulus side effects

The development of the plant on the sexual stimulations in both men and women has reduced the divorce rate experienced earlier. People now live happy because individuals who satisfy their partner sexually tend to live happier. The more the plant is consumed by the body, more beneficial it becomes in matters that primarily focus on the libido and sexual functions.

Side Effects of utilizing Tribulus Terrestris

The side effects associated with the Tribulus Terrestris are usually mild and uncommon to notice. These may include substantial menstrual pain in women, severe headaches, stomachaches, and difficulty in sleeping. The effects, if not well managed by professional doctors, will result in death in many cases. Outlined below are briefed insights on the above-mentioned side-effects:

  • Stomach pain and digestion discomforts

The stomach has three primary functions which involve storing food temporarily that’s passed down from the esophagus to the stomach. Excessive consumption of the plant results in abdominal pains; the plant should be consumed according to the prescription of the physician and all conditions adhered to during the medication period. Limited evidence has shown a potential risk of toxicity.

  • Severe headaches and migraines

Without proper guidance from a physician, a person taking in Tribulus for the first time will experience severe problems and discomforts. Even though the pain lasts for a short period, it is known for causing death of several consumers. Pain relievers are recommended in such scenarios. The head contains sensory organs that function together as a processing center for the body by relaying sensory information in the brain. Therefore, severe headaches experienced will alter the functioning of the mind.

  • More than usual menstrual bleeding for women

Women under the plant medication have experienced heavy menstrual flow compared to before using the plant. Women examined for the effects of the plant on menstrual bleeding indicated that those who used it for an extended period faced difficulty during their monthly periods compared to those who used the plant for a shorter time.

Affects of the Plant on the Kidney and Human Sleeping Cycle

Kidneys perform many crucial functions, including maintaining overall fluid balance, regulating and filtering minerals and waste materials from the blood, along with toxic substances. Kidney tissues are collected for measuring the level of oxidative stress and histological studies. Oral administration of Tribulus Terrestris extract for two weeks can decrease kidney functional disturbance, cellular damages and oxidative stress.

However, the cases of kidney damage associated with Tribulus Terrestris are minimal compared to those appearing in other mammals.

tribulus side effectsTribulus Terrestris disturbs the sleeping cycle of numerous individuals. The plant does not interfere with sleep when taken in the evening. However, it’s recommend by a multitude of physicians to not consume the plant after eight prime meridian time. The effectiveness of the dosage depends on how specifically the dosage is timed. Improperly timing of the dosage leads to difficulty in sleeping. The medicine will make the patient stay awake because of lack of sleep.

Positive Overviews of Consuming the Plant

Tribulus Terrestris is the right plant when used for medication. If consumed as per the prescription provided by the physician, the plant will offer numerous privileges to the individual; outlined above are a few of them. These benefits include curing type 2 diabetes and creating a balance between the hormones. The plant prevents diseases and allergies that are quite harmful for humans and can be fatal in a few serious scenarios. It improves the libido in both, women and men who constantly face a low sex drive and fail to satisfy their partners accordingly.

Negative Aspects Summarized

On the other hand, excess consumption of anything leads to a multitude of side effects and aftereffects. Similarly, consuming the Tribulus Terrestris in excess or utilizing it in a way other than what is prescribed can turn out to be quite dangerous for the individual. Primary side effects that arise due to consuming the plant wrongly outline symptoms of more menstrual bleeding and kidney damage, along with numerous other conditions.

The plant that is termed as Tribulus Terrestris not only damages the body along with its organs severely, but also reduces the ordinary functioning of the human brain. This results in people not being able to differentiate and analyze scenarios properly and react to them. It is known to affect the consumer’s memory potency as well