Several Herbs Can Result As An Effective Substitute For Thyme

Thyme is a naturally grown herb which has a lot of uses in various lines. Thyme is used directly for the treatment of various medical conditions and also is very popular as a flavouring agent. Also, thyme is commonly used in cosmetic products and various other manufactured products. It is a very popular spice and is used heavily by people to add a uniquely minty flavour to various dishes. If you like to give additional flavour to your cuisine, thyme is the herb for you.

Medical Properties:

Thyme due to its medical properties is often combined with other chemicals and herbs to manufacture medicines. It is one of the most desired herbs as it supports various industries. Thyme is often dried to manufacture spices for food industries. Seeing to the uses, everyone wants this spice at their home. But what to do if you don’t have thyme and you want that flavour to be there in your dish? Don’t worry as there is a various substitute for thyme. The alternatives also provide the same benefits to a large extent. These herbs can almost give the same taste and flavour that thyme provides.

Thyme is a spice which can be used by freshly picked leaves of the herb and also by drying the leaves and using it as a dry spice in many dishes. People mostly like to use fresh thyme to add aroma and sweet flavour to dishes. Dry thyme also has many uses in the kitchen and is considered a special spice which can enhance the taste of any dish.

What Are The Uses Of Thyme?

Following are the most common uses of thyme:

  • Thyme is highly used to provide a unique and mint flavour to various food items at home. It is a very popular flavouring agent.
  • Thyme is used in the manufacturing of cosmetic products and also various beauty products like soap, face wash etc.
  • Thyme is also used in the manufacturing of mouthwash and toothpaste due to its fighting characteristics against fungal and bacterial attacks.
  • It is very commonly used as a natural cure for bad breath and tooth-related conditions. They can fight infections and can clear out your affected area.
  • Thyme is very commonly used in urine related defects and can regulate urine flow out of the body.

Thyme is also used in the treatment of various medical conditions like arthritis, bronchitis, stomach ache, cough etc. Thyme is very commonly used to eradicate bacteria and fungi a which cause a lot of these infections.

Why Is Thyme So Special?

Thyme is a herb which is very closely related to mint as it has the same sort of smell and also cooling properties. It is a herb which can provide an altogether different flavour in a dish alone. Also, various features like not losing its taste and smell even after long hours of cooking make this herb very special.

The herb not only has flavouring properties but also has various medicinal properties, due to which the herb is used to manufacture many medicines and is often combined with other chemicals and herbs to make medicines which can help in the treatment of various medical conditions. Everyone likes to have thyme as a spice at their home. But you got to look at other options which can work similarly to this hard as you cannot have an unlimited supply of thyme with yourself.

Thyme has been used to manufacture cooling and refreshing agents for people. Toothpaste and mouthwash like products have thyme as a necessary ingredient due to which they provide a refreshing and cooling sensation in our mouth. Moreover, many medicinal uses of thyme make this herb one of the most popular and special among all.

Can Thyme Be Substituted With Other Herbs?

Affordability problem can arise anytime which makes it important for people to keep alternatives to avoid problems in times of cooking your favourite cuisine. Although the properties possessed by thyme are unique and beneficial in its way, still there are some herbs which can act as an efficient substitute for thyme.

You would be wondering what exactly thyme does to a dish? Thyme can give a sweet, minty wood-like flavour in a dish which is very badly desired by many people. Such a flavour is not provided by any other herb but there are some herbs which can match the flavour up to some extent and can be used as an alternate for thyme.

The herbs which can be used as a substitute are more easily available in the market due to which they can be helpful in situations when you run out of thyme.

Can Thyme Be Substituted With Other Herbs

Here Are A Few Fresh And Dry Thyme Substitutes

Fresh thyme is the counterpart of dry thyme and is named so because it is specially used by picking up the leaves and stems. Fresh thyme is often difficult to obtain and is less available in the market due to which there is some substitute which can come in handy for you.

Dry thyme is one of the most popular kitchen spice which is used by people in cooking and adding a unique flavour to several dishes. Dry thyme is used as an add on to various cuisines such that it adds flavour and smell to the dishes. Dry thyme is prepared by drying up the leaves and stems of thyme herb for some time under the sun. The property that dry thyme doesn’t lose its aroma and taste upon hearing it, makes it a very useful spice to be added in cuisines.

1. Italian Seasoning Already Contains Thyme

When we talk about a substitute that can fill up the shoes of thyme, the first one in your mind should be Italian seasoning as it has thyme up to some extent. Italian seasoning is considered as the closest spice which can provide the unique flavour that is provided by thyme. Including Italian seasoning in your dishes would not make it off. The herbs mixed to finally make Italian seasoning are such that they can provide an altogether unique taste. Italian seasoning is heavily used to add flavour to almost all the Italian dishes, be it pasta, pizza etc. Italian seasoning contains herbs like basil, oregano, rosemary etc and all these herbs are themselves a substitute for thyme which is the reason why Italian seasoning is eyes closed the best derivative out of all of them.

The fact that Italian seasoning already contains thyme makes it the best substitute above all others. Italian seasoning provides the sweetness and woody flavour to some extent.

2.Oregano Or Oregano Seasoning

Oregano seasoning is a very popular spice or flavouring agent and is used by the majority of the population in the world as a popular kitchen spice. Oregano comes in both fresh and dried forms which makes it are the very useful spice in the kitchen. Oregano provides the same flavour as thyme to a great extent. It can provide almost the same aroma as thyme and also the same minty and mix of sweetness and bitterness like taste to the dishes. Oregano is very largely used by people to add flavour to garlic bread, pizza, taco and pasta.

Oregano can be added to a dish with the same amount that you usually add thyme into it. Although oregano is a bit bitter when compared to thyme, it still can be used with the same ratio. If you are more concerned about its bitterness, you can decrease the ratio to ¾:1. The texture of oregano also helps a lot in mixing it up with the dishes as they can stay on them uniformly.

Oregano Or Oregano Seasoning

3. A Mix of Chervil And Rosemary

The fact that thyme leaves a minty and earthy taste and flavour at the same time, Chervil or Rosemary alone cannot give the same flavour as thyme. Chervil is a herb which can give the minty essence or taste to any dish while rosemary can give the earthiness like aroma to the dishes. Both, when mixed can be a very effective substitute for thyme. The mix of both these spices can create a very unique flavour which not only fills up the shoes of thyme but gives an extraordinary flavour to dishes.

The mix of these spices can be used in the same ratio as one uses thyme. Also, these spices are such that they can be used in every dish that requires thyme in it. both these spices when mixed alone cannot do the trick but as soon as they are mixed and then mixed in the dishes, it can create the same magic as thyme does.

4. Mix Of Marjoram And Parsley

Marjoram and parsley are few other spices that can create the magic of thyme. but you should be clear that mixing these two spices alone in a dish won’t be able to give you the result you are expecting. But to your surprise, when these spices are combined and then added to a dish, able to provide the same Aroma and flavour which thyme usually provides. Some of the properties of time are processed by marjoram while some are possessed by parsley due to which they create the same magic as thyme when mixed in a fixed ratio. The earthiness smell and minty taste can be effectively given by these two spices which are usually easily available in the market.  Marjoram can fill up the missing sweetness of thyme and parsley is ably to give the taste of mint. When using the mix of these two spices, one should very necessarily remember that if you are taking one spoon of marjoram, then you are required to mix only a half of the marjoram quantity to ensure that the mix results in an effective substitute for thyme.

5. Tarragon

Tarragon is also a popular kitchen spice which is easily available in the market and can be used effectively when you are struggling to find thyme near you. Tarragon is a very popular flavouring agent when it comes to adding spice to non-vegetarian dishes like fish or chicken. Most of the non-vegetarian dishes are a mix of sweetness and bitterness. Tarragon provides the same bitter and sweet taste at the same time which is the reason for its strong stand as a substitute for thyme. Thyme is very popular as an add on to non-vegetarian cuisines and tarragon presents a very strong case against it.

If thyme provides its flavour in a single spoon of it, you are supposed to mix tarragon in the same amount to ensure that you get the same taste as thyme. Also, tarragon has a similar texture to that of thyme which adds on to the priority of considering tarragon as a derivative of thyme.

6. Summer Savory

Summer Savory is also a spice which is very similar to thyme in almost all the criteria. It has a texture which is same as that of thyme due to which it can be mixed in dishes effectively, same as thyme. Also, it has the same minty taste as thyme with a mix of spicy and bitter. This is exactly how thyme tastes. Summer Savory is no doubt a strong substitute for thyme, but lacks in terms of availability and is not something which can be easily found in someone’s kitchen. A herb is a great option for replacing thyme in various Mediterranean dishes and cuisines. Moreover, summer Savory is something

One can mix the same amount as thyme to get the appropriate aroma and taste of spice in various dishes and cuisines.

7. Herbes De Provence

Herbes De Provence is not a unique spice which naturally exists but is a blend of various naturally existing spices which includes thyme also. The spices which are used to create this very effective blend are usually summer savoury, marjoram, basil, rosemary, bay leaves etc. Most of these spices are themselves an alternative for thyme and thyme itself is there too in the blend, which makes herbes de Provence one of the best substitute options for thyme as a spice which provides mint-like taste along with an earthy aroma.

If you don’t have thyme in your kitchen and you are preparing something like fish, meat or vegetable soup, herbes de Provence can be the best alternative one can use to get the exact aroma and taste that thyme provides. Herbes de Provence is required to be used in the same amount as one uses thyme in all the dishes.

8. Sage

Sage is something which can be a very appropriate substitute for thyme when you are concerned with preparing certain Mediterranean cuisines which involves pork, fish, meat, mutton etc. Sage has a mint essence which adds to the dishes and gives an earthy aroma and almost the same flavour as thyme. One thing which needs to be kept in mind is that the strong taste of sage is not the same as the taste given by thyme. One should keep a ratio of half the amount of thyme when adding sage to the recipes that usually require thyme as the flavouring agent and in turn substitute for thyme.

Sage is available in the market but one can struggle to find sage in the market as not every shop makes sage available. If sage is a mixed incorrect ratio, it can provide a very similar taste and flavour as thyme provides.


9. Poultry Seasoning

If you are unable to find thyme in your nearest store but poultry seasoning is available, just go for its eyes closed. Poultry seasoning contains a blend of various dry spices which have been prepared by drying the herbs. It contains spices like thyme, pepper, nutmeg, Basel, sage, rosemary and marjoram. These spices when mixed to prepare poultry seasoning gives the same flavouring properties which are given by thyme. Dishes can be provided by an earthy flavour by just adding poultry seasoning to it. Poultry seasoning can be mixed in the same ratio as thyme is mixed.

10. Za’atar

This is another blend which has become popular among people as a substitute spice for thyme. Thyme is used to provide a sweet and earthy flavour to dishes which can be very effectively replicated by za’atar. This blend of spice contains spices like dry thyme, oregano, marjoram etc. The fact that za’atar contains thyme and various other substitutes of thyme, which makes this spice a preferred one by many people from all across the world. No matter that this spice can be considered as a priority in a situation when you don’t have thyme, there are some limitations. This spice is very difficult to find in stores as not every store makes this thing available.

11. Basil

Basil is a herb which occurs naturally and is often used as a flavouring agent in many of the cuisines. Basil leaves are often mixed in dishes to provide an earthy flavour which is provided by thyme also. The basil leaves are chopped into small pieces, following which they are mixed on top of dishes to provide the flavour which a person expects from thyme. The minty aroma is a sign that basil can be a good substitute for thyme. These herbs can be mixed with other herbs to create blends that are also a very effective derivative of thyme. Basil can be used in the same quantity as one uses thyme as it does not alter the taste of a cuisine.

Substituting Dry Thyme With Fresh Thyme

There can be situations when you are having thyme but not the type of thyme which is usually used in the preparation of certain cuisines. Dried thyme and fresh thyme are two different types which are used in the preparation of various dishes. Now, you must know how you can substitute dry thyme with a fresh one and vice versa to make sure that you don’t ruin the taste or composition of your cuisine which you have prepared with a lot of hard works. 

If the case is of substituting fresh thyme against dry thyme, you must consider a proper composition ratio to ensure the flavouring benefits of thyme. When using fresh thyme, you must use it slightly more as compared to dry thyme for the same dish for the best composition. So if you usually used to put a single spoon of dry thyme in a dish and you are substituting fresh thyme instead of dry, it is advised to use it in slightly increased quantity which may be equal to one and a half spoon of fresh ones.

If the cases of substituting dry thyme instead of fresh thyme, you can use slightly less quantity of dry thyme to ensure the flavouring benefits of the same. If you put dry thyme in the same ratio as fresh thyme, the flavour can alter the taste of your dish or overpower the original taste of your dish.

In simple words, if you don’t have fresh time and you require to drive one or vice-versa, you don’t have to stop yourself and rush to the market to buy the same. Instead, you can use the latter one for use as it can provide the same benefit. The only thing which you are supposed to keep in mind is the comparison ratio of dry thyme and fresh thyme.

Final Words

Spices are very important ingredients without which various famous cuisines are incomplete in terms of taste and aroma. Spices are the secret ingredient which makes a cuisine unique and its type. Talking about Mediterranean cuisine, thyme is the spice which acts as the secret ingredient which is responsible for providing the aroma and flavour the cuisines are generally known for. So if you are preparing any cuisine which needs you to add thyme as a flavouring agent but you don’t have it with you, don’t leave your dish incomplete. Instead, try any of the above herbs which are the best substitute for thyme which can fill up the shoes of thyme in your cuisine and provide a similar flavour and aroma to it.