Use Onion Juice for Hair Growth

Onions are a permanent resident in your kitchen shelves but have you ever considered them as a saviour for your hair loss? Surprised? Well, you would be more than surprised when you get to know about the numerous benefits this humble kitchen staple can offer which just not limited to hair growth!

Since ages, onion juice is considered as a reliable home remedy for several hair problems, such as hair loss, thinning hair, brittle hair and whatnot.

What is considered as hair loss?

Here, by hair loss, we mean: ‘Baldness or loss of hair, typically from the head, in forms of patches and parts.’ It is a very common problem these days and can also possibly lead to complete baldness. It is believed that about 80 million people in the United States alone have at least some degree of hair loss.

onion juice for hair growth

 You should not be too quick to jump on the conclusion that you are having a hair loss. Typically, people lose about 100 hairs in a single day. Such amount of hair might seem a lot at a glance but it does not cause any noticeable change in your hair density. Hence, it is completely normal to lose some hair every day as you have new hair growth at the same time as well. This cycle of losing old hair and it being replaced by new hair keep up the balance.

What are the causes of hair loss?

If you are losing more than just 100 hairs in a day, you should be careful now. Below are some of the most common causes of hair loss.

  • Family history (heredity)

Hair loss is in a way is passed down the generations. It happens in the same pattern in the family. IT is sometimes also known as male-patterned hair loss or female-patterned hair loss, occurring around the predictable bald spots in male and female family members respectively.

  • Medical conditions

Hair loss can also be caused due to several medical conditions which include hormonal changes due to pregnancy, menopause, childbirth and thyroid problems. There are also medical conditions which causes patchy or partial hair loss, scalp infections and a disorder of hair-pulling called trichotillomania.

  • Medications

Now again, just like medical conditions, hair loss can also result due to side-effects from certain medications or supplements. This makes it extremely important that we take medications only after it is prescribed by a qualified doctor after proper tests and procedure.

  • Radiation therapy 

Due to radiation therapy, you’ll have to lose your hair which is necessary for the process but the tricky part is even after the treatment gets finished successfully there are chances that it might not grow back the same way it was before.

  • Trauma or stress

Though temporary, some people might experience hair loss due to extreme stressful situations or from the trauma of a painful or shocking event. Such hair loss is said to recover soon but that could only happen if you are no longer under extreme stress and feel healthy both mentally and physically.

  • Certain hairstyles 

Well, this is a well-known cause which all of us always ignore, hair loss due to certain hairstyles and hair treatment such as tight ponytails, cornrows, straightening, applying high heat to the hair, excessive root dying, etc.

How can onion juice help with hair loss?

Though onion as a home remedy is underrated, it is a very useful solution. Though it is advised that you should avoid onions if you are allergic to them. Onions are said to have certain minerals that are really nutritional for hair growth. Onion juice can restore lustre and shine of the hair. It helps in the treatment for alopecia, it can soothe inflamed, dry or itchy scalp. Also, onion juice is even said to solve dandruff problems. The science behind onions being effective could be because they are high in dietary sulphur. Sulphur is constituted within amino acids which are in turn formed from protein. Keratin-one of the most important element for hair’s health- is also a protein that is known to rich in sulphur.

onion juice for hair growth

Hence, when you add onion juice to hair and the scalp, it can provide extra needed sulphur to your hair which would support your hair’s growth and help making it thick and strong. The sulphur from onions can also help in collagen production. Collagen is helpful in producing healthy skin cells and promoting hair growth.

Even more, onions are also believed to boost blood circulation. Hair follicles need a proper blood supply to grow healthy, hence, using onion juice really helps their growth.

How to prepare the juice?

To make onion juice for your hair, you should follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Depending on the amount you’ll need, take a particular quantity of onions. Peel them and slice them into four pieces.
  • Next, you need to extract the juice. For this, you can either use a juicer or simply crush them.
  • Apply the extracted juice to your hair and scalp evenly.

Onions carry a strong smell so you can use lavender or peppermint to remove that smell.

Is it good for male pattern baldness?

As mentioned earlier, onion as hair-growing properties which can be really helpful in treating your hair loss problems. It can stimulate hair growth by providing the much-needed sulphur to the hair scalp which can in turn help in forming keratin. This gives a boost of hair growth and regains your healthy hair density. Applying it to all throughout the affected areas can help you treat your hair problems. Not only can it solve baldness but also other problems such as dandruff and itchy scalp.

All in all, it can be said that a healthy lifestyle and a nutritious diet can be the key to protect your hair’s health. Stress and improper nutrient supply have a direct impact on hair growth so you must avoid factors that can trigger hair problems. Also, be careful and mindful of what medications and supplements you are taking because, as mentioned, they can have ill side-effects which take a long time to subside. Be careful and have a great hair!