Losing Weight With Niacin

Niacin is well known as some ingredients in energy drinks. A lot of us first met or read this vitamin written on a beverage can but it is not only an advertised vitamin that stays solely on your drink. Niacin is a type of vitamin b.  In simple terms, it is being used when the food in our body is being processed. It is also useful in our nervous system, keep our skin healthy and important during digestion.  If your meals include milk, meat or grains then you don’t need to worry so much about whether you have taken enough niacin in your body or not.  Some patients also use niacin to control cholesterol.  The reason some beverage companies include niacin is that it may help improve brain functioning. However, it can have some serious side effects when the dosage is exceeded.  In this article, we will be focusing on its weight loss effect to see whether niacin can be used for weight loss or not.

Is Niacin Helpful For Weight Loss?

As it is stated before, vitamins help our digestive systems to function better so they plan an important role during digestion.  B vitamins also help regulate the metabolism and may help your body to use the energy in the food so that they won’t be stored as fat instead. If you have a meal including niacin, you will produce more energy from the food.  It means that when meals supplemented with niacin you will burn more calories than usual and it will help you lose weight.

niacin for weight loss
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How Should I Consume Niacin For Weight Loss?

When it comes to the consumption of niacin, we need to be careful not to surpass the recommended dosage. B Vitamins can lead to some side effects when not taken in the recommended dosage. Especially, if your daily meals include more animal-based diet and high coffee intake, then you should be aware that you are taking enough niacin from these foods so extra supplementation, in this case, is not necessary.  For example, commercial coffee includes approximately 10mg of niacin. This number might reach to 40mg depending on how much the coffee is roasted.  85 grams of chicken breast includes 11.4mg niacin. The recommended intake for niacin is 16mg per day for men and 14mg per day for women. If you are having plant-based diet daily, then supplementing niacin with other complex B vitamins will be helpful to get the maximum benefits for weight loss.

Benefits of Niacin for Weight loss

If you have used some diet pills to burn fat or to get rid of excess body water, you have already then supplemented yourself with some amount of niacin. Diet pills, in general, include niacin for its weight loss effect since niacin helps burn more calories and reduces weight. It is also important to combine it with some intense workout and caloric deficit. Niacin will also help for more performance in the gym resulting increase in weight loss in return. 

Niacin, Stress Hormones and Weight loss

The other important factor when it comes to weight loss is the stress hormones. Stress hormones usually cause us to eat more and more. As a result, our caloric intake increases and we can’t lose weight anymore. Niacin, however, helps prevent the production of the cortisol. An increase in cortisol will not help us to lose weight since it triggers us to consume more food. Therefore, niacin is going to be helpful for weight loss and the reduction of cortisol hormone.

Which Food Should I Consume for Weight Loss with Niacin?

Niacin can be found in a different types of food sources. However, some may include more niacin than others. For example, the best source for niacin is liver 85 grams of the cooked beef liver includes almost 15mg of niacin. Chicken breast and tuna fish are also decent sources for getting niacin for losing weight.  If you are not consuming meat or you are having plant-based diet peanuts, avocado, brown rice, and potatoes will give you the recommended dosage of niacin daily.


Niacin is important when it comes to weight loss when it is combined with an effective training routine and a diet plan where caloric deficit takes place. When it is taken according to the recommended dosages, niacin is effective for weight loss.