Dandelion Tea for Weight Loss- Top 5 Benefits

Herbs have been used a lot when it comes to weight loss over the centuries. Some of them help increase the metabolism rate and others simply help increase the usage of fat reserved in our body. Dandelion tea is one of those herbs that help us to lose weight. Before we get into the dandelion tea for weight loss. Let us begin with the introduction of the herb itself.

What is Dandelion?

We know from throughout the history that dandelion tea has being consumed with foods or as part of some health potions. The civilizations that have used the Dandelion are Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. It was not only used with meals also for the medicals by Chinese.

Dandelions are crucial to provide nourishment for a variety of insects such as bees which use it for an important source of nourishment as nectar during the spring. Researchers say that dandelion has been around for almost more than 30 million years. It can be found in different parts of the world but its origin is North America, Asia, and Europe.

Although its origin is not really widely distributed, nowadays it is possible to reach this nutritious plant pretty much everywhere in the world. Dandelion tea contains different types of minerals and vitamins which are essential for our body. Vitamins like A, C, E, B, and K are contained in this nutritious plant. It is also a good source of potassium, calcium, iron, and manganese.

dandelion for weight loss
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Recently, this plant is used for making wines from its flowers by combining with other ingredients such as orange, lemon, and wine yeast. It is also a great substitute for coffee. It was being mentioned as cheap coffee in the early 1800s and the preparation of it is relatively simple. First, the roots should be dried, chopped and roasted and then they need to be in the form of granules that can be then used like coffee beans. As it is being used in various areas because of its ingredients it has become a new hype when it comes to weight loss. Some of the celebrity trainers like Jilian Michaels has suggested its usage. So in this article, we are trying to figure out whether dandelion tea is effective for weight loss or not.

How Does Dandelion Tea Help In Weight Loss?

1- Water Weight Loss

We all carry excess water mass in our bodies due to the imbalances in our diet. If you are in a high carb or sodium diet, not physically active or using certain medications, it is probable that you carry some excess water weight in your body. Dandelion tea helps you reduce this water mass since it is diuretic. According to one study two cups of dandelion tea, a day will increase the urine output which will then prompt to reduce water mass. This will certainly relieve the bloating feeling and result in weight loss.

2- İmproves Stamina and Endurance

In 2011, a study published in the African Journal of Traditional, Complementary, and Alternative Medicines showed that Dandelion tea can improve stamina during physical activities. Animals that were used during this study were given dandelion and they showed signs of improvement in the stamina. For that reason, we can conclude that drinking dandelion tea before exercise will in return help us burn more calories due to the ability to perform better.

3-Suppresses Appetite

As it is already known, drinking tea will help you ease your cravenness for food since it takes up some good amount of space inside tummy causing the reduced feeling of hunger. It means that if you will drink dandelion tea between your meals it will help you eat less so that your daily caloric intake will reduce which will cause weight loss in the long run. You can also try drinking it close to your meals like half an hour ago so that you can eat less in your main meals.

If you are also on the keto diet, it will help you immensely to since it suppresses the appetite which makes it a useful component in fitness as well. Whether it is intermittent fasting or keto diet, as long as it is a low-calorie diet it will help you suppress your hunger and won’t add up to your caloric intake at the end of the day.If you are looking for a tea with more antioxidants darjeeling tea is one of your best option

4-Substitute for Weight loss medication from Korea

There is a recent Korean study that suggests that dandelion might have the same effect as Orlistat which is being used for weight loss by reducing the activity of the digestive enzyme during the break down of fat. For that reason, it can be used as a possible way to solve obesity.

5-Improves the Carbohydrate Metabolism

Researchers have come to the conclusion that dandelion tea is efficient when it comes to processing the carbohydrates in the body. It can also reduce the absorption of fat as it is suggested by several studies. Dandelion consists of a compound called chlorogenic acid. According to one study in which mice were fed with chlorogenic acid showed us that they had significant weight loss. Several of them also showed us that some of the hormones that are responsible for fat storage were reduced.

dandelion for weight loss
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How Often Should I Consume Dandelion Tea?

There is always a natural balance of electrolytes in our body which means that consuming so much of liquid will negatively impact our health since it will disrupt the natural balance. Although dandelion tea has so many benefits, one should not go extreme when it comes to consumption of it. So the consumption can stay moderate like 30 minutes before each meal. It is also advisable to consume enough fluids together with dandelion tea so that you won’t be facing with dehydration problem.


When combined with a healthy diet and caloric deficit, supplementing dandelion tea between the meals can help us reduce weight by reducing the excess water mass, suppressing the appetite, improving the stamina and metabolism of carbohydrate. So why not give it a try and see the results by yourself. Grab a cup of dandelion tea now.